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Student Exchange

We have been conducting regular student exchanges for several years. SIS's long-standing partner schools include, for example, the International School Manila and the BCCIS in Cairo. All students of the SIS schools participate in the various student exchange programs, which are tailored to the respective age groups. Each SIS school also maintains its own contacts with partner schools in Ireland, the USA, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, among others.

The exchanges help to get to know foreign countries, people and cultures, to improve language skills, to learn together, to share experiences and to exchange ideas regarding various topics.

The establishment of further country partnerships with China, Jordan, the USA and Mexico, among others, is planned. After all, encounters with countries, people and foreign cultures broaden horizons and educate immensely.

Our partner schools

BCCIS in Cairo

Together with our partner school "British Columbia Canadian International School" in Cairo, we have been conducting an inter-SIS student exchange since 2017. Students from grade 7 can participate.

Besides the intensive language acquisition at a host school as well as in the host family, there are many good reasons for this education-oriented student exchange:

  • Immersion in a previously unknown culture through living with a host family, making new friends and getting to know typical local traditions and festivals
  • Further development of the personality and development of a flexible attitude towards new situations in the host country
  • Perceiving one's own identity and origin and reflecting on one's own values
  • Challenge of integration into an international school system as well as integration into an age-specific class group (International Canadian School).

German European School Manila

Together with our partner school "German European School Manila" in Manila we conduct a student exchange at regular intervals. Students from all SIS schools can participate. Photos of the visits can be viewed in our photo albums.

We also support various projects in Manila. Among others, the social project "well construction" of Mr. Christoph Grandt (GESM) was supported with monetary donations.

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