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Since mid-August 2019, the new Student House of the IGM Meerane is inhabited. High school graduates from Vietnam moved into the newly renovated and reconstructed dormitory in Meeraner Amtsstraße at the start of the school year.

The Vietnamese students now live just a stone's throw away from the high school and thus have optimal living and learning conditions. In the former house of the associations they now find comfortable rooms, a common room with TV, computer workstations and wellness oases, a dining room, a student kitchen as well as a garden with seating for relaxing in the green.

Picture: View from the school to the International Student House

Contact and management:

Head of boarding school: Mrs. Krenz
+49 (0) 3764 57 09 124

Administration SIS: Mrs. Bernhardt
+49 (0) 3763 77 73 378


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