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Behind the school building is the schoolyard, the sports field and the large green open space. The Freibergerhalle is used for sports lessons. The bus stop is located near the school building.

History of the house

In the course of the school's 125-year history, today's grammar school has housed a wide variety of school types and classes. Unfortunately, this cannot be traced without gaps. Here are a few examples:

  • from 1875 - secondary school (Realschule)
  • 1876 - secondary school and 2nd citizen school
  • 1882 - The secondary school is moved to the school building on the Rotenberg and the 2nd district school is started.
  • 1884 - 1890 - six-grade secondary school with progymnasium
  • 1896 - relocation of the 2nd district school to the Tännicht School
  • 1898 - secondary school and 4 classes of special school
  • 1901 - secondary school and high school for girls
  • 1905 - additional training school for girls (preparation for commercial profession)
  • 1911 - reorganization of the school into a middle citizen school
  • 1919 - abolition of preferred schools, Georgenschule became one of the three elementary schools in Meerane
  • 1927 - Georgenschule as an eight-grade elementary school
  • 1930 - inclusion of 4 independent auxiliary school classes.
  • 1959 - transformation into a general polytechnic secondary school up to grade 8
  • 1992 - 2003 transformation into Pestalozzi Grammar School
  • Closure of the state high school in 2007
  • Move-in of the European High School Meerane in 2005
  • Since 01.08.2018 the European High School Meerane is under the sponsorship of the Saxony International School - Carl Hahn
  • Since 01.01.2020 renamed to Internationales Gymnasium Meerane, short IGM


Meerane Municipal Archives, yearbooks of the Pestalozzi-Gymnasium Meerane, yearbooks of the supporting association of the European Gymnasium Waldenburg.

Prepared by students of the school history working group:
Paula Bachmann, Lucas Borchardt, Alina Gerlach, Max Thimann, Chiara Ungerer

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