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Excursión a Barcelona.

In the last week before the fall vacations, our sophomores set out to explore the Spanish metropolis of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia.

The excursion was all about the Spanish language as well as the art around the architect Antoni Gaudí. We visited his masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. A guided tour of the basilica brought us closer to the breathtaking architecture. We visited Park Güell, also a work of Gaudi. The park is famous for its colorful mosaics and sculptures. From here we could enjoy the beautiful view of the city on the Mediterranean Sea.
A boat tour took us along the Costa Brava from the location of our hotel in Santa Susanna to Tossa. The coast is beautiful and the water crystal clear. In Tossa we took a stroll through town and relaxed in the sun on the beach.

In Monserrat there is a monastery complex where monks still live today. The Santa Maria de Monserrat complex is located on a mountain. The surrounding hiking trails offer great views of the surrounding area as well as the monastery itself. Some also took a look at the church.

A big thank you goes to all the supporters of the field trip: parents by funding the trip and teachers who planned the trip, from coordinating with the travel provider, to those in charge in Spain on the ground and supervising the field trip assignments in Spanish and Geography.

Thomas Splitthof - class leader AK25a

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