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Excursion to Lörrach

After a journey of almost 10 hours, Class 8 arrived at the youth hostel in Lörrach in beautiful travel weather. There, it was time to move into our rooms and unpack before we started our full week's program the next day. First, we visited the Dreiländermuseum and learned in two different guided tours about the special features of the region in the Dreiländereck on the Rhine as well as the industrialization of Lörrach, which shows amazing parallels to the one in Meerane. Afterwards we went to the city reception in the city hall, where Mr. Bernnat as representative of the city council of Lörrach showed us the importance of exchange and cohesion.

Before heading to Basel in the afternoon, there was still some time to explore Lörrach on our own. In Basel, we walked along the Rhine and looked at the surroundings and especially the old and magnificent city hall as well as the cathedral (the landmark of the city). There we also looked at the so-called "Rhine knee", which allowed a great view of the geographical peculiarity of this area, which we had previously only been explained theoretically in the Lörrach museum.

The next day we drove to Colmar in Alsace. By means of a digital city guide we explored the city and its sights. Especially "Little Venice" showed the beauty of the old town. Of course, we also ate one or the other French pastry. Afterwards we made our way to a scene of the 1st World War, the Hartmannsweilerkopf in the Vosges. Starting from the so-called Fatherland Altar, we walked up to the summit cross through the still preserved trenches of the German and French soldiers. An oppressive feeling arose. At the Cross of Peace in Europe, which stands on the summit as a landmark and encourages us to preserve this valuable asset, a peaceful coexistence between different cultures and nations, between people, we realized what great historical character this region holds and why we made the long journey there.

Another big highlight followed on the penultimate day with a visit to the Europapark in Rust. Here, hardly any roller coaster was left out. After that, it was time to pack up and head back home the next day.
In summary, we can say that it was a very eventful and informative excursion, where we visited several new places and thus could also experience the European idea up close.

Marcel Fehre - Excusion Manager Lörrach

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