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Our excursion to Schneeberg 2022

On Monday, the 17.10.22, I woke up with a smile on my face, because it went from today for the whole next week to the KIEZ in Schneeberg! When I was driven in the morning by my mom to the meeting point, I have already seen the bus. After about ¾ hour we were already there and were amazed, because the vacation resort looked really great! There were also two great club rooms and a table tennis room in our house!

After all the organizational hassle was taken care of (two of our teachers spoke only English with us the whole week - it was language camp after all!), we were off on our first adventure: our KIEZ rally in English. We discovered the whole KIEZ area in a playful way and learned how to find our way around. In the evening we had free time to chat and play, which was nice.
After a restful first night and a very tasty breakfast, we set off with two nice teammates into the forest of the resort. We had the task to build huts in the forest. We created three funny huts out of sticks, leaves and all kinds of other things that could be found in the forest. Afterwards, a short hike was on the program. Here we collected moss, mushrooms, sticks, leaves and feathers. After lunch we solved an exciting English quiz with many interesting questions about the forest, which I enjoyed very much. Later we could choose to watch a movie or have free time. There I went to the "beach" with friends to do yoga exercises.
Wednesday we had an exciting excursion on the agenda, we went to Wurzelrudis-Erlebniswelt. There was an incredible amount to discover: a hanging chair ropeway, marble run games, a game with badges and questions, Viking amulets and a treasure hunt. In the evening we sat with our parallel class at the Filzteich beach and held our stick bread in the fire, which later tasted delicious.
The next day we walked to Schneeberg. The hike took one and a half hours. First we went to a church, after the church visit we went to the planetarium to see something about the moons and the planets. In a lecture we learned everything we needed to know about the constellations. In the evening we did karaoke, we sang loud and soft, right and wrong and there was a lot of laughing, that was a really perfect final evening.
On Friday it was time to say goodbye. That was a bit sad. We packed our things after breakfast and later took the bus back to Meerane. On the way we chatted about what we had experienced and realized that we had enjoyed it very much. My best experience was seeing the "beach" and being able to enjoy the time with my friends.

Jonah, Philipp and Aleyna - Pupils AK30

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