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Theater Festival at the Gewandhaus:

"Keep up the good work! That was the best piece in the world!"- Anonymous
"It was perfect!"- Anonymous

We, the theater group have been at the theater festival 2023 on Tuesday 21.03-22.03.
On Tuesday we performed our play "Chaos on the set".

"It was very impressive"- Penelope
"You didn't see the audience at all, so I wasn't that excited."- Emma

Of course we saw other plays that day.
On Wednesday we saw another play and then we went to our workshops.
We were offered the workshops mask, acrobatics, stage combat, improv theater, virtual papetry and costume making. We liked acrobatics because we did gymnastics on a real trapeze, we felt like real circus artists.
The workshop on biographical theater started by talking about taboo subjects, for example, hygiene articles for women. Then we played with single words and imagined what could have happened in 8 years. You can also work on negative feelings with theater, for example, you can develop scenes about what's bugging you right now.
The coolest presentation, however, was given by the stage fight group, where they really fought on stage, slapped each other and sailed to the ground in a high arc.

The whole student theater meeting was fantastic!

Juliane Klepzig - Director GTA Theater

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